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The DATV-Express Projects

MiniTiouner-Express Receiver Assembly

The MiniTiouner-Express receiver/analyzer/analyzer assembly is a completely assembled and tested unit in a small aluminum enclosure about the size of a 2-stack deck of cards. The DATV-Express group created the design, construction and sale of this item named "MiniTiouner-Express". It is available through PayPal for USD $75 plus shipping. It is used with the free software (called MiniTioune) by Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP.   

The unit connects between an antenna(s) and a PC computer USB2 or USB3 port using the Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system. It receives DVB-S/S2 144MHz to 2420MHz digital television signals for symbol rates between 70K and >20M symbols/sec when used with the MiniTioune software. It is powered from an external power supply by user or from the internal 5VDC supply of the computer USB3 port.

In operation, the computer monitor displays the received video and graphic landing dot constellation to show the incoming signal level, quality, FEC, MER and setup information. For details, click on the "MiniTiouner-Express Specifications" bar on the left. The MiniTiouner-Express User Guide can be downloaded from the DOWNLOADS page on this website.

DATV-Express Transmitter Board

As of 9/27/2017 the DATV-Express Project depleted the inventory of DATV exciter boards but due to popular demand, in 2019 we decided to make another production run. The Analog Devices ADALM-PLUTO SDR Tx/Rx is available at a price of about US$160 and the mini-LimeSDR Tx/Rx from Lime-Micro is about US$170. However, the DATV-Express board produces a better and higher RF output signal and has a useful 1dB/step software controlled output attenuator to help match it to a power amplifier. We supply a complete installation and operation manual for the DATV-Express board. Also, support for the DATV-Express hardware will continue and the DATV-Express software will expand to support new hardware that becomes available. Thank you for your interest over these years.

DATV-Express Transmitter Software for Windows

The DATV-Express Transmitter software, currently v1.25LP14, has continued to expand to support new lower-cost SDR boards thanks to the effort of Charles G4GUO. The current hardware SDR boards that are supported are:

  1. the DATV-Express hardware Tx board
  2. the LimeSDR-USB Tx/Rx board from Lime Micro
  3. the LimeSDR-mini Tx/Rx board from Lime Micro
  4. the PLUTO-ADALM Tx/Rx board from Analog Devices
Block Diagram of DATV-Express DVB software for Windows supporting four different boards. using   v1.25LP11  zip  


Block Diagram of DATV-Express DVB transmitter software for Windows ( v1.25LP11 ) supporting four different boards. A typical DVB-S2 set-up where the protocol encoding is performed inside FFMPEG


For more details check out the v1.25LP14 software NOTES on the DOWNLOADS page